Medivis Case Study

Microsoft @Surface Mixed Reality HoloLens: A revolutionary new window into innovation. 😎🪟 Check out this case study to see how one healthcare provider leverages this MR technology to improve complex neurosurgical procedures. To learn more and integrate HoloLens into your organization, contact Theon Media LLC today.

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Plant a Tree with HP

How much more likely are you to buy from a company that shares your commitment to advancing sustainability? If your answer is “very,” watch this video with Jane Goodall and Rebel Wilson on Plant a Tree with @HP, a program focused on planting 1 million trees.

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Accessories certified for Microsoft Teams

Make hybrid work seamless with certified accessories for @Microsoft Surface! Theon Media LLC invites you to check out this infographic to learn more about headsets, webcams, and other available accessories. 🙌 These accessories are certified to work with Teams, making it easy for you to get connected and get to work.

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Manage without managing

What if you could manage your printer fleet without REALLY managing it? What else would you get done? Share your ideas in the comments and get this solution brief to see how @HP+ makes managing multiple printers in multiple locations effortless.

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HPE Server Management and Security

Are your servers ready to thwart cybercrime? Download this infographic, brought to you by Theon Media LLC, to learn how @HPEGen10Servers outlines today’s existing security threats, overviews the cost of cybercrime and the risk of business innovation, and illustrates how HPE servers provide a comprehensive security approach to protecting key server infrastructure. #hpeserver

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Windows Virtual Desktops On-Prem

Azure Virtual Desktop creates an infrastructure that scales with business requirements. What are your top goals and needs? Consider sharing. Then watch this video to see how the latest hybrid management enhancements in Azure deliver the full Windows experience and cost savings. #AzureVirtualDesktop @Azure

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Take the hassle out of printer management

Who wants the hassle of dealing with pesky printer problems? With the HP+ smart printer system, you don’t have to. Watch this 📹 to see how @HP takes the hassle out of printer management and tell us if you’re ready to get setup.

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Empower the Do-Everything, From-Anywhere Workforce

In today’s business world where seamless experiences are required no matter where employees work, you need exceptional laptops. How does your organization equip hybrid and remote workers? If you’re looking for ideas, download this eBook to see how the combination of @HP laptops with Windows 11 and AMD Ryzen processors can provide your employees with the compute power they need.

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